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Process water treatment

asfemo GmbH, Berlin

Plant for neutralisation of textile effluent, Sri Lanka

AVIAN GmbH, Potsdam

Process water treatment site for a wirepuller-factory in Brandenburg

Additional Info

  • Kontamination CSB, filterable solids

Berlin-Chemie AG, Berlin

Neutralisation site on the ground of Berlin Chemie AG

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  • Kontamination Organik, pH 4-0, Chlorid

Edible oil factory La Fabril S.A. Ecuador

Treatment of process water of a vegetable oil factory, Ecuador

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  • Kontamination Organik, pH 4-9, Chlorid

Fa. Rautenbach Slovakia

Process water treatment Rautenbach, Slovakia

PFLEIDERER Holzwerkstoffe, Baruth

Plant for treatment of process water from wood processing with membrane technology

Additional Info

  • Kontamination Organik

Siemens AG Berlin

Treatment of electro plating effluents, Siemens AG Berlin

VW Hannover Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH Heilit Umwelttechnik GmbH

Treatment of process water at the site Volkswagen AG, Werk Hannover