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Water treatment

Description/added value
The treatment of groundwater, water from industrial processes or in the frame of remedial actions is the main part of the business activities of Delta Umwelt-Technik GmbH.

The sources of the water to be treated have varying origins, some are listed below:

  • process water from the industry
  • groundwater in the near of old industrial sites
  • lechate from landfills
  • construction water, i.e. pump water from civil engineering works

Basically the pollutants are:

  • dissolvents (BTEX, VOC)
  • petroleum-derived hydrocarbon
  • aromatic compounds (PAH)
  • phenole and derivatives
  • cyanide
  • COD
  • Slurry

Our service
We design and erect individually tailored treatment plants with piping, pumping devices and treatment steps all inclusive – also for short term activities.

Depending on the case of operation following technique is used:

  • oxidation treatment
  • membrane treatment
  • demineralisation
  • physico-chemical treatment
  • biological treatment